Digestive Care Innovations Hub

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

NewYork-Presbyterian, along with its partners Columbia and Weill Cornell Medicine, is one of the few medical centers in the country with a multidisciplinary team of doctors who are highly experienced in diagnosing and treating various types of digestive diseases, including the most uncommon diseases. Because digestive diseases can affect many organs in the body, NewYork-Presbyterian has assembled doctors from several different specialties to collaborate and provide patients with a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating digestive diseases. In addition, during the multidisciplinary meetings specialists spend time discussing clinical trials and research. As a result, patients may have access to novel and emerging therapies.


3-D pancreas

First of Its Kind: Full-Service Care Team Devoted Entirely to Treating Pancreatitis

Only program in the country to feature a team devoted entirely to treating and managing acute and chronic pancreatitis.

Doctors of the ICHANGE program

ICHANGE: Innovative Center for Health & Nutrition in Gastroenterology

First of its kind program in the NYC to offer systematic care for people who are overweight and have digestive health issues.

Irritated bowels

Integrated IBD Care from Cradle to Adulthood

Our team uses a combination of medical, endoscopic, and surgical modalities, along with, nutritional support, & lifestyle change guidance to help patients minimize or avoid the risk of disease-associated complications.