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NewYork-Presbyterian is launching a new grant program to invest in the communities that it serves. The program seeks to support work that tackles community-identified social determinants of health (SDOH) – the social and economic conditions and environmental factors that affect people’s lives and their health. NewYork-Presbyterian aims to support both targeted, scaled programs that support New Yorkers’ immediate and longer-term needs, as well as work that seeks to change the underlying conditions shaping health disparities.

The Fund will award grants of $80,000 - $150,000 a year for up to two years, with a maximum award of $300,000 in New York City and Westchester County. To be eligible for renewal in the second year, awardees must meet their pre-determined process measures to receive full funding. 

NewYork-Presbyterian’s 2022 CHNA identified the following communities as a high priority; as such, there will be one awardee for each of those neighborhoods, which are: 

  • Washington Heights, Manhattan
  • Lower East Side & Chinatown, Manhattan
  • Corona, Queens
  • Crown Heights, Brooklyn
  • Peekskill, Westchester
  • Mt. Vernon, Westchester

Social determinants of health identified included:

  • Social Isolation
  • Housing Insecurity
  • Unemployment & Economic Recovery

Qualifying criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Applicant must be a not-for-profit, religious, or government agency with a community service mission.  
  • Applicants must demonstrate they have the infrastructure to meet the goals of the grant.
  • The grant must primarily benefit residents of one or more of the priority communities (Washington Heights, Lower East Side & Chinatown, Corona, Crown Heights, Peekskill, Mt. Vernon).

For more details and information about the Community Fund Program click here.

Instructions for completing a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) can be accessed here.

To view a comprehensive list of community project examples click here.

Community Fund Webinar

Watch the information session below for more information


Yes, this RFP opportunity is open to organizations that have operating budgets at various levels. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide advance funding for programs. 

Once awardees are notified, the contract and other documents must be completed before any funding can be released.  

No. Funding will be released annually over the two-year period. 

Organizations will be required to submit a mid-point report that will be utilized to measure the progress of your program. NYP staff may also use other methods (telephone calls, email, site visits) to assess progress and challenges throughout the project period.

Yes. We welcome programs that would support multiple neighborhoods; however, 50% or more of the project’s participants or beneficiaries must be from at least one of the priority neighborhoods outlined in the Community Fund program announcement. 

No. We welcome both evidenced-based as well as non-evidenced-based projects.

No. This RFP is not limiting organizations to one SDOH. Please clearly state in the LOI submission which NYP-priority SDOH indicators you plan to address. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to grant extensions. 

This program will not fund strategic planning, data collection, or research disconnected from direct action to address SDOH. We will also not consider hospital systems, applicants with financial affiliation with another hospital system, universities or academic studies, or for-profit companies. 

Yes. Travel, technical assistance, and consultant fees are eligible to be covered by the grant but must be clearly allocated in the budget of the full proposal. 

For new programs, we must be able to see what actions have been taken by the organization to initiate their project by the end of the 2023. This includes a project plan, staff outline, updated budget and other operational tasks necessary for initiating a program launch. 

Awards are expected to be announced in early fall 2023.

Applicants can submit their LOI’s by following the instruction form found here and sending them to [email protected] by the deadline. 

Yes. However, one organization must be deemed the lead applicant, and the other collaborating organizations identified as project partners or subcontractors.

Yes. Organizations may not submit more than 2 LOIs on behalf of their organization. This is separate from any additional applications in which your organization may be a project partner with the lead applicant or serving as a subcontractor to another application.

Yes. A Community Fund Info-Session will take place on May 22nd @ 11am. The session will be recorded and placed on our website for later viewing. For registration, click here 

LOIs will be reviewed internally by NYP staff with experience in grantmaking, community relations, real estate, employment, finance, and health justice. After careful review, a selection of LOI applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal in a second stage.

Full proposals will be scored by a committee of NYP staff and external reviewers, applying a shared set of criteria. The panel of external reviewers will include representatives with expertise in areas related to the priority social determinants. 

These funds cannot be used for direct lobbying purposes on specific legislative bills but can be used for advocacy and education of lawmakers and policy decision makers. For example CBOs seeking constituent services or help from a representative in service to the project may be allowable.