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Community Hearing Health Collaborative (CHHC)

Patient Success Stories


“With the assistance of the CHW program, I was able to reconnect with the early intervention service coordinator, and evaluations for speech, physical, and occupational therapy were ordered. The service coordinator also submitted the request to have my child evaluated for hearing aids at no cost. The pediatric social worker and the CHW determined the home health care agency that will be working with my family, and they were able to get a Medicaid voucher that would cover the remaining balance as well.”
-Patient’s Mom


“The CHW helped me with scheduling and reminding me of my child’s ENT and audiology appointments.  The CHW also referred me to a social services agency because as I was suffering from depression and needed medical attention.  She also provided me with food pantry information and accompanied me to my child evaluation at a school for the deaf. The CHW is very supportive and always contacts me and my family to make sure we are ok. I appreciate all the support.”
-Patient’s Mom                                                             


“With the support of the CHW, we agreed to visit a school for hearing and speech and loved the facility, the teachers, and how well the students were doing with school studies and activities. We witnessed first-hand how the cochlear implants work and look on the students and the impact it can have to improve my child’s developmental skills. After the school tour, we agreed to meet with the audiologist to discuss getting cochlear implants for my child. With the help of the CHW, we were also able to submit the school application and will be taking our child to the school for the evaluations.”
-Patient’s Parents


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