Community Programs

Community Hearing Health Collaborative (CHHC)

The Community Hearing Health Collaborative (CHHC) at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is devoted to addressing the needs of hearing-impaired infants and newborns by supporting, educating, empowering, and connecting families to social, educational, and medical resources necessary to realize the full potential of the child.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of CHHC is to raise community-level awareness about the significance of hearing loss and its early diagnosis and treatment, as well as the critical need to support families on their journey. As a result, transform the health and social outcomes of children with hearing impairment.

Our Work

The Community Hearing Health Collaborative works in collaboration with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Center for Community Health Navigation (CCHN) and Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership (NMPP), a local community-based organization. We aim to provide social and medical resources to children who fail infant hearing screening or have received a hearing loss diagnosis. Our bilingual Community Health Workers are fully trained in childhood hearing loss and its consequences. They work alongside families to:

  • Empower them to meet the needs of their hearing-impaired child.
  • Assist in the early intervention referral process for hearing device fitting and speech-language services.
  • Assist in the coordination of medical appointments (otolaryngology, audiology, cardiology, genetics, ophthalmology, and imaging as indicated).
  • Encourage adherence to medical and audiological recommendations.
  • Help families identify barriers to treatment and assist them in overcoming those challenges.
  • Connect families with community resources as needed (i.e., WIC, SSI, housing, food pantries, etc.).

Program Eligibility

    • Children 0-3 years old who fail infant hearing screening or have received a hearing loss diagnosis
    •  Participants must reside within the five boroughs of New York City
    • There is no cost for services provided by Community Hearing Health Collaborative

    For more information about the Community Hearing Health Collaborative and to refer a patient or family, contact us at