Having a baby is often a joyous yet challenging period in a women’s life. As a full-service maternity care organization, NewYork-Presbyterian is here to help you through the thrills and pitfalls of pregnancy into the delights of parenting.

Our team of highly trained obstetrics-gynecologists, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, nurses and nurse practitioners, lactation counselors, and social workers support you and your growing family from the moment you begin care with us. Other team members include:

  • Certified nurse-midwives
  • Neonatologists
  • Obstetric anesthesiologists
  • Geneticists and genetic counselors
  • Ultrasound technicians
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists

As the largest academic medical center in the United States, we are accustom to caring for the most diverse patient population. No matter what language you speak, what community you call home, or preexisting conditions you may have, our experts are here to help.


A History of Advanced Pregnancy & Newborn Care

NewYork-Presbyterian has a long tradition of providing exceptional obstetrics care to women in New York City. Since the late 19th century, our maternity facilities have held a reputation for low infant mortality rates, and groundbreaking developments in the advancement of women’s and children’s health — including developing an amniocentesis test to determine certain genetic disorders in utero and the Apgar score, five criteria used to evaluate the health of newborns.

Today, NewYork-Presbyterian is still a top-ranked maternity facility. As New York’s no. 1 hospital for children and adults, we are one of a handful of regional referral centers for high-risk pregnancies.

NewYork-Presbyterian’s Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital Komansky Children’s Hospital are New York State-designated regional perinatal centers, the highest classification for obstetrics and neonatal care. Simply put: the clinicians and staff at NewYork-Presbyterian have the expertise and services to care for all women and newborns, including the most challenging and highest risk medically complex cases.


Internationally Renowned Infertility Treatment

NewYork-Presbyterian offers two nationally recognized fertility and reproductive assistance programs for patients who want to become parents. Our fertility experts are known as pioneers in the field of reproductive medicine, using evidence-based approaches to increase the likelihood of conception among our patients. We treat a range of fertility issues, from common barriers to the most complicated cases, and have programs for those with specific complications, such as cancer and HIV.


Specialized Care for High-Risk Pregnancies

Pregnant women or fetuses at an increased chance for health complications are considered high risk. If you have been told you have a high-risk pregnancy, it is essential you receive high-quality care from clinicians specially trained to deal with complex pregnancies. NewYork-Presbyterian doesn’t just have board-certified maternal-fetal medicine physicians; we have specialty programs at Columbia University and Weill Cornell dedicated to treating high-risk pregnancies. Our maternal-fetal medicine doctors are trained to care for women with coexisting conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. If you are carrying a baby with a congenital abnormality, our perinatal specialists consult with you during your pregnancy and provide guidance, care, and connections to other professionals your child may need.


Superior Prenatal Care

We want to give your child the best start possible. That’s why we offer comprehensive prenatal care including:

  • Genetic diagnostic testing to identify genetic disorders such as Down syndrome or sickle cell disease
  • Biophysical profiling to assess your babies well-being in utero
  • Doppler ultrasound and three-dimensional ultrasound for fetal cardiac monitoring

If we determine your baby does have a congenital abnormality, we have a team of perinatologists to develop help design a care plan for your child before they're even born. They collaborate with our renowned authorities in neonatology; pediatric cardiology, neurology, urology, pediatric cardiac surgery, and pediatric surgery; genetics; and all other pediatric subspecialties to care for and support you and your baby.


Specialized Care for Newborns

Our labor and delivery rooms are near transitional nurseries, which are staffed by specialists caring for infants awaiting transfer to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Our on-site NICUs are staffed with the specialists your baby may need if intensive care is required. The post-partum floors in our hospitals have state-of-the-art security systems to make sure your newborn is safe.


Leaders in Research

Our doctors participate in clinical research aimed at improving the care of expectant mothers and their babies. For example, our investigators pioneered the use of first-trimester screening tests for genetic abnormalities that are now commonly used around the world.

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