Incident Reporting

Any unusual events, or instances of witnessed or suspected criminal or suspicious activity should be reported immediately to security. A Security Officer will take a report, usually in person. When necessary or appropriate, an investigator will follow up by interviewing witnesses and/or conduct a comprehensive search. The Security Department will interact with local law enforcement, or the District Attorney's office for certain criminal matters that are reported.

What incidents should be reported?

  • Conduct, behavior, or language that is in any way potentially threatening, dangerous or harmful to patients, visitors, or staff
  • A suspicious person, action or event
  • Unauthorized personnel/activities
  • Suspicious packages
  • Presence or use of any illegal substances
  • Missing equipment or property
  • Found property

To report an incident, contact Security at the numbers listed below.


NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital

Security Department
Phone: 212-932-4400

NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Security Department
Phone: 212-305-2222

NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital

Security Department
Phone: 212-312-5110 – external calls
Phone: ext. 3333 – internal calls

NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital

Security Department
Phone: 212-342-2222

NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center

Security Department
Phone: 212-746-0911

NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester Behavioral Health Center

Security Department
Phone: 914-682-9100, ext. 2424