Crime Prevention at NewYork-Presbyterian

Crime Prevention by Staff

The Security Department is on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week but the help and cooperation of the entire staff is needed to help keep the environment safe. Employees must follow security steps in order to best serve and protect our patients, our visitors and ourselves.

  • Display Photo Identification Badges
  • Report Incidents
  • Control Keys
  • Cooperate with Package Inspections
  • Obtain a Package Pass
  • Lockup Valuables/Property
  • Combat Identity Theft
  • Report Workplace Violence

Display Photo Identification Badges

All employees are required to display NYP photo identification while on Hospital premises. The card must be visible for everyone to read, presented upon request, be worn upon entering and exiting the medical complex, and be unadorned by buttons, pins, etc. Employees must go to Security for a replacement identification card.

Report Incidents

Any unusual events, or instances of witnessed or suspected criminal or suspicious activity should be reported immediately. A Security Officer will take a report, usually in person. When necessary or appropriate, an investigator will follow up by interviewing witnesses and/or conduct a comprehensive search. The Security Department will also liaison with police and prosecutors as needed.

Control Keys

Always keep your keys in a secure location, and never give them away or allow unauthorized persons to use your workplace keys. Report key loss or theft immediately to the Security Department. Do not take keys marked "Do Not Duplicate" and attempt to have it copied. To obtain a key, prepare a work request for the locksmith.

Cooperate with Package Inspections

For everyone's safety, you must cooperate with all package/bag inspections when entering or leaving the Hospital.

Obtain a Package Pass

Proper documentation is required when moving or taking equipment or property out of the Hospital. This applies to both Hospital and personal property. Prior to the employee leaving the Hospital premises, the employee must present the package along with the proper Hospital identification and package pass to the Security Officer on duty at the respective building lobby. To obtain a package pass, please contact your department head or manager from which the property originated.

Lockup Valuables/Property

Always secure your work area, even if you leave your office for a few minutes. Never leave valuables such as jewelry, cash, handbags, briefcases, cell phones, laptops, or blackberries unattended.

Combat Identity Theft

Always keep the number of credit cards and identification documents that you carry to a minimum. You should treat your personal information as confidential and be careful not to give personal information such as credit card information or a social security number to unknown telephone callers. Dispose of credit cards, receipts and bills by shredding or cutting them. Never leave confidential personal or patient data of any kind up on your computer screen for others to see and make sure to close all files when leaving your workstation.

In the event of Identity Theft, contact the credit bureaus to have a Fraud Alert/Victim Impact statement placed in your credit files. The Security Department is available to assist you as well.

Report Workplace Violence

Immediately report any incidents of harassment, intimidation, bullying or violence to your supervisor, the Human Resources Department, or to the Security Department. Report any incidents of harassment, intimidation, or violence to your supervisor, the Human Resources Department, or to the Security Department. Report any attempts to pressure or force you to violate Hospital or patient policies, rules, or procedures, or engage in or follow criminal behavior. This includes any attempt to violate or disrespect a persons civil rights or property/privacy of a patient, visitor or staff member.

NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital

212-932-4400 Security Department

NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center

212-305-2222 Security Department

NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital

212-312-5110 – external calls Security Department

ext. 3333 – internal calls Security Department

NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital

212-342-2222 Security Department

NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center

212-746-0911 Security Department

NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester Behavioral Health Center

914-682-9100 , ext. 2424 Security Department