Patient Navigator

Our Patient Navigator works with patients diagnosed with breast cancer or who are at risk for breast cancer. 

Our navigator helps breast cancer patients find their way through the complexities of the healthcare system with a cancer diagnosis, making this very difficult experience a little less stressful and less frightening. Our navigator has received specialized training from the Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute and is a certified breast navigator through the National Consortium of Breast Centers.

The navigator helps patients with the many concerns that they face while going though treatment including, but not limited to:

Financial/Work Related Support:

  • Helping patients understand time off and disability benefits and entitlements, including the Family Medical Leave Act, Short-Term Disability, and reasonable work modifications
  • Assisting qualified patients with applications for long-term Social Security Disability
  • Finding additional financial resources for patients through outside charitable organizations
  • Helping patients apply for State Aid such as food stamps or temporary cash assistance

Educational/Treatment Support

  • Providing patients with breast cancer treatment information, literature and direction to reputable websites for information
  • Going over patient-doctor discussions to be sure that patients have a good understanding of medical information and that they feel quite comfortable asking every question
  • Making sure that all questions and concerns are addressed as quickly as possible so that treatment is not delayed

Medical Insurance Support

  • Helping uninsured patients get health insurance coverage and assistance for necessary procedures and medications
  • Helping patients understand out of pocket costs
  • When transitioning to new insurance, making sure that treatment continues and is not interrupted, and that the new insurance is accepted by practitioners

Emotional Support for Patients, Families and Caregivers

  • Referrals to internal and external support organizations/groups such as the American Cancer Society, Share, Look Good/Feel Better, Sharing and Caring, Gilda’s Club, NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Pink Ribbon Club
  • Encouragement of patient's use of their support network, including family and friends, to explore ways that they can utilize that support system as they are undergoing treatment

Support for Cancer - Related Issues

  • Referrals to mastectomy boutiques
  • Referrals to wig shops
  • Referrals for lymphedema therapy

The navigator accompanies patients throughout their journey as they first find out they have breast cancer, as they try to cope with their diagnosis, as they receive treatment and well into the survivor experience. 

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