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All patients are treated in a private office setting by a full time attending physician.

Imaging services such as screening mammography, diagnostic mammography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are available on site. Learn more about women's imaging services.

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens offers interventional radiology services such as fine needle aspiration, core biopsy, stereotactic core biopsy, ultrasound guided core biopsy, conveniently on our campus. Learn more about interventional radiology services.

Scheduling an Appointment

You can call the Breast Center at 718-670-1185 to speak with one of our staff and schedule an appointment. You will be asked about your type of insurance, the reason for your referral, and the doctor who is referring you.

If you do not speak English, it would be helpful to bring a family member who does to your appointment with you.

Your Office Visit

What to bring to your office visit:

  • Insurance card(s), the office will make a copy to keep in your chart.
  • Referral if needed, you should check with your insurance carrier to see if you require a referral for a specialist visit
  • Contact information from the physician who referred you, including their name, address, and phone number. It may help to have a referral slip or business card with this information
  • Any films and reports from breast imaging studies * It is imperative that you bring the actual films with you for the doctor to review*
  • Co-payment which is due at the time of your office visit

What to expect when arriving at the Breast Center:

  • Parking is available on the street near the office or in the hospital parking lot for a fee. If you are having a radiology procedure on that day you can park in the hospital lot for a reduced rate.

If it is your first time to the Breast Center:

You will come in the door on the first floor and check-in at the reception desk. Please let the receptionist know your name, the time of your appointment, and which doctor you are scheduled to see. The receptionist will ask you to fill out a new patient information form and give you a copy of our privacy policy. She will make a copy of your insurance cards and also take your films and reports to prepare your chart for the doctor. Your wait time will usually be less than 15 minutes. You will meet with the doctor for a consultation during which she will review your medical history as well as review and explain your films if you have any. The doctor will then perform a physical exam. After the exam you will meet again in the doctor's office to discuss a follow-up plan (a follow-up appointment, additional tests, biopsy, etc...) If additional appointments are needed for radiology exams, surgery, or follow-up visits to the Breast Center, the office staff will make them for you.

If you have been to the Breast Center before:

Please check-in at the front desk, notify the receptionist of any changes in your insurance, address, or phone number, and give the receptionist any films or reports that you have brought with you.

Getting Ready for Surgery

Scheduling Surgery:

Once you and your doctor have decided on your surgery, you will meet with the OR Scheduler of the Breast Center. She will complete a procedure form with you and call to schedule the date and time of your surgery. An appointment for "pre-admission testing" will also be scheduled. If you also need to get medical clearance from a doctor, you will be notified at that time. You will be given a summary form to take home with you. The summary form lists the date and time of the surgery, the appointment time for pre-admission testing, where to go for pre-admission testing, any special instructions that you need, and a list of medications to avoid prior to the surgery. You will receive additional instructions for the day of the surgery at your pre-admission visit.


A consent form for the procedure will be signed at the hospital on the day of your procedure.

Pre-admission Testing:

Before surgery can be done, the physicians need to be sure there are no other health problems that could cause complications. During the pre-admission testing appointment, you may have blood work, a chest x-ray, or other testing done.

Insurance and Billing

We accept most insurance plans. For questions about hospital and physician participation in a specific insurance plan, please call our office at 718-445-0220. To obtain accurate information pertaining to individual insurance coverage, please check with the insurance carrier to discuss benefits prior to an appointment.

If you have any questions about your bill or your coverage, please call the Billing Office at 718-670-1216.

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From Manhattan:

Via the Triboro Bridge — follow the Grand Central Parkway to the Van Wyck Expressway exit. Take the first exit off the Van Wyck for College Point Boulevard. Make a left at the base of the exit and then the first right onto Booth Memorial Avenue. Proceed up the hill to Main Street.

Via the Midtown Tunnel — Follow the Long Island Expressway eastward to the Main Street exit. At the light at the end of the exit, turn left onto Main Street. Proceed through 3 lights to Booth Memorial Ave.

From Brooklyn:

Via the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway — take the Grand Central Parkway exit from the BQE. Thereafter follow directions as above via the Triboro Bridge.

Via the Van Wyck Expressway — Proceed north to Queens and the exit for the Long Island Expressway east. Bear right onto the service road of the LIE to a stoplight on Main Street. Make a left and proceed through 3 lights to Booth Memorial Avenue.

From The Bronx:

Via the Triboro Bridge — follow the above directions from Manhattan via the Triboro.

Via the Whitestone Bridge — travel south on the Whitestone Expressway bearing left thereafter onto the Van Wyck Expressway. Take the first exit for College Point Boulevard. At the base of the exit turn left onto College Point Boulevard and then immediately right onto Booth Memorial Avenue. Proceed up the hill to Main Street.

From Long Island:

Via the Grand Central Parkway — take the GCP to the Long Island Expressway east. After only a short distance you will reach the Main Street exit. At the light at the end of this exit make a left onto Main Street. Proceed to the third light at Booth Memorial Avenue.

Via the Long Island Expressway — Follow the LIE west to the Main Street exit in Flushing. Make a right at the end of the exit onto Main Street. Proceed to second light on Booth Memorial Av.

From Westchester County:

Take the Hutchinson Parkway south to the Whitestone Bridge. Thereafter follow the directions above for The Bronx via the Whitestone Bridge.

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