Orthopedics Outcomes Report


2018 Report on Clinical & Scientific Innovations in Orthopedics

Innovations at a Glance

  • Developed a new approach using only routine preoperative CT and postoperative X-rays to more accurately measure postoperative glenoid component version to prevent glenoid loosening following total shoulder arthroplasty

    routine preoperative CT and postoperative X-rays
  • Studying new modalities and techniques in preemptive and postoperative pain control, particularly in knee replacement, through nerve blocks and combinations of medications

  • Conducted a first of its kind investigation looking at return to play and performance of professional soccer players following surgical repair for an Achilles tendon rupture

    Achilles tendon rupture
  • Applying newer technologies, including 3D printing, to construct scaffolds and materials that are more in line with the native mechanical properties of the human disc to address disc degeneration

  • In collaboration with bioengineers, developed an allograft arthroplasty, which resurfaces the trapezial cartilage with a saddle joint-shaped fresh human allograft to treat basal joint arthritis

    allograft arthroplasty
  • Exploring approaches for tendon-to-bone healing that include tissue engineering, a new stem cell population, adhesives, and grasping techniques

    illustration of tendon-to-bone healing that include tissue engineering
  • Created a new algorithm based on real patient cases that could standardize medical retirement decisions for athletes suffering from sports-related concussion

  • Leading efforts to apply formal risk stratification tools, including validated measures of severity scores, to better identify patients at highest risk for surgical complications

    doctors performing surgery
  • Established The Pitch Registry, supported by Major League Baseball, to better understand pitching injuries and how they can be prevented and to serve as a platform for research and education