Obstetrics Outcomes Report


2017 Outcomes Report for Obstetrics & Neonatal Care

The Mothers Center


The Mothers Center centralizes services to give pregnant women with medical conditions that may cause complications during pregnancy and beyond, a single point of access to all our specialists — before and during pregnancy, as well as in the postpartum period. This center of excellence serves as a national model for the care of medically and surgically complex obstetrical patients.

Our innovative Mothers Center is dedicated to improving care and outcomes for the sickest, most medically complicated pregnant women.

pregnant mother

Since 2013, The Mothers Center has cared for over 850 expectant mothers faced with challenging medical and surgical problems during pregnancy. These patients have come to us for consultation, decision-making and therapy from within our institution, as well as from across the city of New York. Our team of obstetricians, surgeons, cardiologists, neurologists and anesthesiologists meets weekly to discuss our patients and develop ongoing care plans to ensure the safest outcome for mothers and their babies.

Our multidisciplinary team is prepared to care for women with a wide variety of conditions and most frequently sees patients for abnormal placentation, cardiac conditions, and neurologic disorders. We are firmly committed to bringing The Mothers Center to the forefront of pregnancy care in New York. Our goal is to make pregnancy safe for every mother and child. We believe that this will be achieved through regionalization of complex care and a strong multidisciplinary team approach.

Accreta Program

NewYork-Presbyterian is well-known as a referral center for placenta accreta, a complication in which the placenta attaches itself too deeply into the wall of the uterus. Approximately one in 2,500 pregnancies experience placenta accreta nationally.

Women with this condition are at risk for premature birth and life-threatening postpartum blood loss. Our multidisciplinary team has the technology, expertise and resources to diagnose this condition early in pregnancy, and coordinate a delivery plan that maximizes the safety of both mother and child, relying on the expertise of our surgical personnel and blood bank resources to deal with any complications. Since 2013, 156 suspected abnormal placentation cases were referred to The Mothers Center for consultation. Of those, 75 (48%) accreta cases were diagnosed and successfully managed for placenta accreta and other types of abnormal placentation.

What We Treat

Cardiovascular Disease
Endocrine Disease
Gastrointestinal Disease
Hematologic Disease
Infectious Disease
Neurologic Disease
Oncologic Disease
Ophthalmologic Disease
Orthopedic Disease
Placental Disease
Psychiatric Disease
Pulmonary Disease
Renal Disease
Rheumatologic Disease
Surgical Vascular Disease

Women’s Cardiac Program

Maternal cardiac disease is the most frequent medical disorder prompting referral to The Mothers Center. Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine team works closely with a team of experienced cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons to care for patients with congenital heart disease, valvular heart lesions, and pulmonary hypertension and heart failure. Patients with these conditions are seen and evaluated by cardiologists with specific expertise in managing these issues through pregnancy. Each patient’s ongoing care and delivery plan are created and reviewed by a multidisciplinary team which includes obstetric anesthesiology and critical care nursing, in addition to Maternal-Fetal Medicine and medical subspecialty teams.

Surgical Program

The new Mothers Center surgical program integrating gynecologic surgery and obstetrics has enjoyed considerable growth since its mid-2014 inception. Since 2013, 65 referrals for incompetent cervix procedures have resulted in 48 qualifying cases for transabdominal cerclage, a procedure to prevent miscarriage or premature labor.

Women With Epilepsy

The Mothers Center is a center of excellence for managing maternal seizure disorders. Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists work closely with neurologists whose clinical and research expertise in the field of epilepsy are unmatched. Together, the team develops an ongoing care and delivery plan focused on ensuring maternal safety while minimizing fetal risk. The team also counsels patients about treatment exposures and long-term outcome, while facilitating postpartum care and therapy.

The Mothers Center Primary Diagnoses 2013 - 2016

pie chart for primary diagnoses