Our Initiatives


Performing Provider System

Tobacco Cessation (Project 4.b.i )


What do we hope to accomplish?

  • Integrate evidence-based, sustainable tobacco use treatment into health services across our PPS

Who is our target population?

  • Current tobacco users with low socioeconomic status, co-morbidities and poor mental health status

How will we do it?

  • Create an interdisciplinary team approach to addressing tobacco use with our patients
  • Establish dedicated clinical services that will provide comprehensive tobacco treatment to patients across all NYP campuses
  • Increase provider capacity to effectively engage patients in cessation by:
    • Assessing current provider practices for development opportunities
    • Enhancing the electronic medical record to include comprehensive documentation on cessation assistance as well as referrals to tobacco clinical services
    • Providing tailored, evidence-based education to providers on how to prescribe medications and dialogue with patients
    • Implementing clinical decision support systems that will facilitate appropriate provider intervention
    • Integrating electronic referrals to NY State Quitline
    • Establishing compliant, consistent and accurate tobacco cessation billing practices to ensure sustainability of care
  • Promote patient education on cessation resources through the creation of culturally appropriate patient education materials to support tobacco cessation
  • Sustain a tobacco-free hospital environment for our patients
  • Work closely with community based organizations to ensure cessation treatment is culturally appropriate

Core Components

Healthcare Delivery System Sector Projects: PPS must show implementation of all sector projects in their project plan. The implementation must address a specific need identified in the community assessment and address the full service area population.

  1. Adopt tobacco-free outdoor policies.
  2. Implement the US Public Health Services Guidelines for Treating Tobacco Use.
  3. Use electronic medical records to prompt providers to complete 5 A's (Ask, Assess, Advise, Assist, and Arrange).
  4. Facilitate referrals to the NYS Smokers' Quitline.
  5. Increase Medicaid and other health plan coverage of tobacco dependence treatment counseling and medications.
  6. Promote smoking cessation benefits among Medicaid providers.
  7. Create universal, consistent health insurance benefits for prescription and over-the-counter cessation medications.
  8. Promote cessation counseling among all smokers, including people with disabilities