Our Initiatives


Performing Provider System

Behavioral Health Primary Care Integration (Project 3.a.i)


What do we hope to accomplish?

  • Ensure that NewYork-Presbyterian and New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI) outpatient behavioral health patients receive timely, coordinated and appropriate primary care services

Who is our target population?

  • Adults and children who utilize known behavioral health clinics and are not regularly receiving primary care services

How will we do it?

  • Identify behavioral health patients who are not receiving comprehensive care
  • Embed primary care resources within behavioral health practices to provide engagement, prevention and continuity of care
  • Educate and encourage providers to take a holistic approach to treatment in behavioral health practices
  • Develop and implement practices that will encourage the patients’ primary care, community and psychiatry teams to communicate and coordinate services
  • Connect patients to Community Healthcare Workers
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with community organizations

NY State Requirements

  1. Co-locate primary care services at behavioral health sites.
  2. Develop collaborative evidence-based standards of care including medication management and care engagement process.
  3. Conduct preventive care screenings, including behavioral health screenings implemented for all patients to identify unmet needs.
  4. Use EHRs or other technical platforms to track all patients engaged in this project.

Scale and Speed

Metric: The total number of patients receiving primary care services at participating mental health or substance abuse sites

Commitment: At the completion of Year 4, BH Integration will provide collocated primary care and behavioral health services to 2,258 patients annually.