Advanced Pediatric Liver Tumor Treatment

Your child's liver tumor treatment may include:

  • Surgery: Pediatric liver surgeons at NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital treat more children with liver tumors in a year than many surgeons see in a career. We are known for our expertise in the surgical removal of large liver tumors and for operating on tumors that other centers would consider inoperable.
  • Chemotherapy: Our pediatric oncologists work closely with other members of your child's healthcare team to determine whether chemotherapy is needed, if it is best given before or after surgery, or if surgery is needed.
  • Interventional radiology: We offer chemoembolization for liver tumors, and have even treated newborns as young as one to two weeks old with complex vascular tumors. Our interventional radiologists are experienced in the treatment of children.
  • Supportive care: Your child and your family have access to the services of social workers, child life specialists, dietitians, and integrative medicine specialists to provide comprehensive supportive care and to ease your journey throughout this experience.


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