How Teens Can Help

C.H.A.T. Teen Advisory Group

Children's Helping Advisory Team (C.H.A.T.) is a group of teen patients who advocate for other patients and advise the hospital on how to improve the medical experience. Adolescents age 12 and older who have been hospitalized are invited to join C.H.A.T. and participate in monthly meetings facilitated by child life staff. Projects have included:

  • Creating a teen hospital guide
  • Planning the annual hospital prom
  • Menu changes

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"C.H.A.T. to me is about giving back. All of us in C.H.A.T. have been in the hospital and know what it's like to be stuck there while our friends go to school or the movies or the mall or prom. C.H.A.T. gives me the opportunity to make that hospital experience better for others."
Willa, age 19

"C.H.A.T. is here to help you. We know how you feel. We've been in your shoes and we are here to help you. We are all a family and we will all get through this together."
Melissa, age 19

Children's Helping Advisory Team Prom Children's Helping Advisory Team meetup