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Family Advisory Council

Family-centered care is an approach to health care that respects the central role the family plays in caring for a sick child, both in and out of the hospital setting. Doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and families all collaborate in an environment of trust and respect.

The Family Advisory Council (FAC) at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital is a group of parents, hospital staff, and faculty who work together to make the hospital a better place for children and families. Our mission is to promote family-centered care.

The hospital can be an intimidating place for all families. The Family Advisory Council works with the hospital to ensure that families get all the information they need so that they can care for their children with confidence.

Family Resource Center

It has long been a goal of the FAC to establish a Family Resource Center at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. A Family Resource Center is truly about making care more patient-centered by providing a "one-stop-shopping" experience for information pertaining to the hospital as well as to a clinical diagnosis or procedure. In the summer of 2011, the goal of opening a Family Resource Center became a reality.

Family Faculty

The Family Faculty Program provides an educational forum for residents to hear directly from parents of patients about their experiences related to a specific topic. During these interactive sessions, FAC members provide real-life, in-person examples about a topic and then the residents can react and engage with them to discuss ways to handle different situations related to that topic. Under the leadership of Dr. Patricia Hametz, we have created a repeatable three-year curriculum of family-presented topics.

Committee Participation

FAC members currently serve on:

  • Quality Council
  • Children's Advisory Council
  • Ethics Committee
  • Palliative Care Committee
  • Patient-Centered Care Cabinet
  • OB Experience
  • End of Life Task Force
  • Spirituality Committee
  • Bereavement Committee

NewYork-Presbyterian Patient-Centered Care Grants

Since 2007, the Family Advisory Council, in partnership with our advisors, has submitted applications to the NewYork-Presbyterian Patient-Centered Care Grant program. We are extremely proud of our track record. We have been awarded at least one grant each year, which has been used to make the hospital experience more family-friendly and patient-centered. Thank you to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital's Volunteer Department for this empowering program, which has enabled us to provide:

  • Rejuvenate You Program (2007)
  • "Starlight Fun Center" for the Emergency Department (2008)
  • Comfort Cart (2008)
  • Phlebotomy Lab Facelift (2009)
  • Technology for Text Message Reminders for Heart Transplant Patients (2010)
  • Family Resource Center Materials (2011)

Tips for Parents by Parents

These tips sheets have been prepared by parents for parents to help in caring for a hospitalized child. Print them out and carry them with you as important reminders and useful tools. Remember, parents are key members of their child's healthcare team.



How You Can Join the Family Advisory Council

If you are a parent or family member, you are eligible to join the Family Advisory Council if:

  • your child has received care at the hospital
  • you believe in our goals
  • you want to make the hospital the best it can be

If you are a staff member or faculty member, you are eligible to join the Family Advisory Council if:

  • you want to better understand the parents' perspective in the delivery of care
  • you want to request a parent join a particular project

To join the Family Advisory Council complete the online membership application.

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