The Family Advisory Council (FAC) at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, established in 2004, is a diverse group of parents, caregivers, and hospital staff devoted to making the hospital a better place for children and their families. Our work is rooted in a family-centered approach to care, the belief that the family is a child’s primary source of strength and support, and that a family’s perspective is invaluable to clinical decision-making.


Morgan Stanley FAC group photo


As parent and caregiver volunteers, we collaborate with hospital leadership and administration to examine and improve current practices. We directly impact the policies, programs, and facility design that affect how care and services are delivered to children and their families or caregivers.

I joined the FAC right after my oldest – 13 at the time – suffered sudden cardiac arrest…It has offered me more comfort, hope, insight and information than I could have ever imagined, and, more importantly, gives me an opportunity to help other parents who are coming behind me with their own family medical hardships.

- Lisa Don, FAC Member