FAQs - Financial Services

When does the financial clearance need to be obtained?

All international self-pay patients must provide full payment of the estimated cost of care (by wire transfer, credit card, cash, or certified bank check) or have verified insurance or governmental sponsorship prior to arrival for medical care. Once one of these is received, financial clearance will be confirmed and the medical care plan can proceed.

Do you accept letters of guarantee for payment?
We accept official Letters of Guarantee from many embassies, missions, or other verifiable governmental sponsor with whom we have had a positive credit experience. Please note that any uncovered charges either during or after the approval period will be billed to the patient for self-payment.

Why must I make a deposit for my treatment?
Deposits are required no later than 3 business days before scheduled inpatient surgeries and two business days before scheduled outpatient appointments and procedures to ensure financial clearance. Deposits must be 100% of the personalized cost estimate with a contingency for unexpected medical care as prepared by your Financial Representative.

Can NewYork-Presbyterian bill my insurance company for my medical charges?
NewYork-Presbyterian has contracts with several international insurance companies. Insurance pre-authorization for care is required before the scheduled appointment. If we cannot verify your benefits, obtain pre-authorization, or if NewYork-Presbyterian is not contracted with your insurance company, we will ask you to make a deposit for your treatment based on the estimate of charges. Should this be the case, we will make every effort to supply you with billing invoices and medical records to help you obtain reimbursement from your insurance company in a timely manner. Otherwise, we will bill your carrier but please note that any uncovered charges either during or after the approval period may be billed to you for self-payment.

What happens if I stay in the hospital longer than anticipated?
In the unforeseen circumstance in which your medical treatment exceeded the anticipated plan of care, there will be additional costs billed for all that was provided. Should this occur, a member of our team can explain those charges and take payment.

Will I get a refund if the actual costs of treatment are less than my advance payment?
If actual charges are below the amount paid in advance, patients will receive a refund after the account is finalized. Refunds will be issued in approximately 90 business days, or longer only as needed, in the manner original payment was received or by check, once all charges have been posted and the account is fully closed for all services. 

How can I establish a U.S. bank account?
Your Global Patient Services Coordinator can help you establish a U.S. bank account.

When will I receive my final bill and statement?
Your bill will be sent out in approximately 60 business days, or longer only as needed, after your care is completed so that all charges for the hospital and other service providers are included as well as any balances determined by third-party payers. We will make every effort to expedite requests, especially if we are made aware of this need at admission or as much in advance as possible.


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