Simple Gifts That Make an Immediate Impact

Elderly caucasian couple jogging in a wooded trail
Elderly caucasian couple jogging in a wooded trail

Gifts of Cash

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Make a gift that NewYork-Presbyterian can use immediately, and receive the maximum charitable deduction.

An outright gift of cash is the simplest method of giving and may be declared as a charitable deduction on your federal income tax return for the year you make the gift. For a gift of cash, you may deduct an amount equal to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. Any excess balance may be deducted over the next five years.

Gifts of Securities

Avoid capital gains taxes and receive a charitable deduction.

You may donate publicly traded securities to NewYork-Presbyterian. If you have owned the securities for more than one year, you may qualify for a charitable income tax deduction equal to the value of the securities on the date they are given. Gifts of appreciated securities are deductible for an amount equal to 30% of your adjusted gross income in the year you make the gift. Any excess balance may be deducted over the next five years. You may save substantially more in taxes by giving securities as opposed to cash.

IRA Rollover

Rollover Retirement Assets for Immediate Impact

How the IRA Rollover Works

Individuals who are 70 1/2 or older may transfer up to $100,000 a year directly from their traditional or Roth IRA to a qualified charity, such as NewYork-Presbyterian. The amount of the transfer will not be included in your taxable income, and beginning in the year you turn 72, the transferred amount can count toward your required minimum distribution. (The gift cannot, however, be claimed as an income tax deduction.)

How to Make an IRA Rollover Gift

The process for making a gift from your IRA is straightforward; however, it is important to exercise care to ensure that your transaction is completed correctly. For example, the funds must be transferred directly from your IRA administrator to the charity to avoid taxation.

Download our IRA Fact SheetIRA How-to Sheet, and Letter to IRA Administrator to help you accomplish your rollover gift seamlessly.

Note: As you consider any charitable gift plan, please consult with your tax or financial advisor to determine the tax/financial implications for you and your family. NewYork-Presbyterian does not provide legal or tax advice. This communication (including any attachments) is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties.

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