Other Policies

Other Heart Conference Center policies include the following:

  • Amplified sound is to be kept at a level that does not disturb building occupants, community neighbors or other Conference Center users.
  • The Conference Center and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital are non-smoking facilities.
  • The Conference Center event office reserves the right to change the set-up of any event to meet the needs of the Hospital and its patients.
  • Taping signs or decorations to the walls or doors within the conference center is not permitted.
  • All egress areas must remain accessible in accordance with hospital fire safety policy.
  • Candles may not be used as part of your set-up (no exceptions will be made).
  • All décor items must be approved by the Conference Center event office prior to the event.
  • Use of the pre-function area outside of the rooms must be booked through the Conference Center Event Office prior to your event if needed.
  • Doors within the conference center may not be propped open under any circumstances.
  • Event signage is not permitted in the Heart Center lobby. Event signage within the conference center is allowed with approval of the conference center event staff.