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The Dalio Center for Health Justice aims to understand and address the root causes of health inequities with the goal of setting a new standard of health justice for the communities we serve.

A Letter from Ray and Barbara Dalio

It is because we share a compelling need for there to be more justice in healthcare that we all are excited by our partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian to create this new center for health justice.  Barbara and I, and those at NewYork-Presbyterian, and many people in the communities who need help are perfectly aligned in supporting this mission.

As for Barbara and my thinking, we believe that access to equal quality healthcare and education are the most fundamental necessities of a just and well-running society. As beneficiaries of the American Dream we are compelled to contribute to supporting these most fundamental pillars of it. Supporting the Dalio-NewYork-Presbyterian partnership in this Center for Health Justice is an extension of this broad objective to support organizations that are committed to achieving these objectives.  Because we know NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital very well, we have complete confidence in its ability to achieve our shared goals.

We are aligned on the goals for the Dalio Center for Health Justice to become a national leader in developing research and programs to correct injustice and drive measurable improvements in health outcomes for all.  We agree that this effort will start within the NewYork-Presbyterian community and broaden over time with the goal of sharing metrics and models that will help hospitals nationwide and spur necessary public dialog.

So, it is with appreciation, admiration and a common sense of purpose that we look forward to what is ahead.

Ray and Barbara Dalio