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Dalio Center for Health Justice

The Dalio Center for Health Justice aims to understand and address the root causes of health inequities with the goal of setting a new standard of health justice for the communities we serve.

Health Justice Domains

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Data & Infrastructure

The Dalio Center is committed to improving the collection and validation of sociodemographic data for our patients; and to supporting the use of that data to identify disparities in health outcomes, target new initiatives, and measure ongoing impact of health equity programs.

a Nurse holding a clipboard with a mask on explaining information to patient

Clinical & Community Strategy

The Dalio Center is collaborating with our medical school partners and Hospital operations to develop new institutional projects focused on improving the quality of and access to our care.

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Research & Implementation Science

The Dalio Center will connect research experts from various disciplines to engage in community-based research that will promote equity in healthcare for socially at-risk populations.

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Education & Leadership

The Dalio Center is developing our future leaders with programming that emphasizes the role structural inequities play in our health.