Full-Time Residency Program

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital offers an exceptional year-long training program for qualified applicants. Residents work full-time over the course of a year completing three full units of ACPE accredited CPE and working as part of a dynamic, multi-faith pastoral care team committed to providing a world class pastoral care and education program at one of America’s best hospitals.

The residency program begins with new employee orientation in late August and ends one year later. Between each unit there is an integration period in which regular CPE course work ceases for a period of 3-6 weeks. The resident functions primarily as a staff chaplain. Educational modules are offered during these time periods and residents may utilize their vacation time during these periods. The basic salary is $35,000. The required on-call coverage pays up to $10,000. Chaplain residents work as non-exempt employees of NYP. Therefore, whenever a resident works the overnight shift they are paid time and a half for those additional hours. This brings approximately $10,000 additional pay to each resident, depending on the actual number of nights covered over the course of the year. They also receive medical, dental, and all benefits available to NYP employees.

The residency program is a rigorous course of study and professional training. It is intentionally multi-faith. Applicants for the residency program should demonstrate a high commitment and interest in pursuing such intensive pastoral care training. Residents are expected to start at an advanced level of understanding and experience of the CPE process, and be familiar with its procedures and demands. Therefore, applicants for the residency program must have successfully completed one previous unit of ACPE-accredited CPE to be eligible for the NYP residency program. Applicants for the residency may have completed more than one previous unit of ACPE CPE.

Application Process

Interviewing for the residency program typically runs from the winter to spring prior to the program's start in late August. If you are interested in the Residency Program, we encourage you to submit your completed application materials by December 18th of the year prior to the program for which you are applying, (i.e., 8 months in advance). Typically we set up two or three interview dates in January and early February to interview all the candidates whose applications demonstrate the most promise. Please note that space is limited in the residency program. In a typical year, the number of applications we receive greatly exceeds the number of available slots.

"Successful" completion of the unit as preparation for entrance into the residency program means that the applicant's supervisory and self-written final evaluations demonstrate the following:

  • An aptitude for the action/reflection model of education
  • Personal maturity
  • Demonstrated ability, or strong potential, to work as a professional in an academic medical setting
  • Successful completion of the Level I outcomes of ACPE

Students should have already completed their Master's degree in theology or a related pastoral field. If they have not yet completed their degree, they must have some Master's level theological/pastoral training and be able to make a compelling case as to why they are pursuing a residency program prior to graduation. Residency applicants must be able to articulate clearly their professional goals and motivation for pursuing intensive pastoral training in this setting. CPE residency programs, from their inception in 1925, have been based on the medical residency model of immersion learning, apprenticeship and on-the-job training. They are highly demanding both educationally and professionally. Residents are employed by the hospital and therefore also must meet all of NewYork-Presbyterian's standards for employment. This is a separate process from the acceptance into the residency program. Our residents are educated by highly-trained and respected professionals in CPE and in professional chaplaincy. Residents are expected to function as professionals and they must be able to carry the responsibilities of being part of an elite medical team.

Hours of Work

Residents usually work a minimum of 40+ hours per week in the hospital for their regularly scheduled work days. Residents are considered part of the hospital and Pastoral Care & Education Department staff. As such, they participate in all aspects of the work of the department, including participating fully in the 24/7 patient care coverage cycle established at each site. This means that residents will be on-call a substantial amount of time during the year, including overnights on weekdays and weekends, as well as working full shifts on weekend days, as needed. Additionally, when CPE units are in session, residents are expected to spend ample time preparing their cases and assignments for presentation in class and group sessions. These hours of homework are done on residents' own "off" time at home or in the library. They may also do them at the hospital before or after their shift. Work shifts, in-house on-call shifts, and class times do not include time for doing homework. We strongly encourage residents not plan to work other jobs, or take heavy course loads during their time in the Residency Program. The residency program is designed to be an immersion learning experience in which one learns constantly from doing the actual work of chaplaincy and seriously reflecting upon those experiences with their peer group, supervisor, and individually. It requires a significant commitment of time, energy, and interest to be an effective learning environment. As a major academic medical center and a world class hospital, the pace at NYP, as well as the acuity level of the patients, creates an intense environment. It is one of the most dynamic and exciting places to learn and work in the world, and it is also very demanding.


Residency Program: $700 ($300 non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance to the program + $400 due on the first day of the unit unless other arrangements have been made with one of the CPE Registrars). Scholarships are not available for the Residency Program.


The basic salary is $35,000. The required on-call coverage pays up to $10,000. Chaplain residents work as non-exempt employees of NYP. Therefore, whenever a resident works the overnight shift they are paid time and a half for those additional hours. This brings approximately $10,000.00 additional pay to each resident, depending on the actual number of nights covered over the course of the year.


The Residency Program is offered at three of the six main campuses of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital:

NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center

NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center, located on East 68th Street in Manhattan, is the site of the former New York Hospital, and is the second oldest hospital in the country. It is the locale of the Weill Cornell Medical College.

NYP/Columbia Medical Center

NYP/Columbia University Medical Center, located on West 168th Street, began as Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in 1928 and is the world's first medical center to combine complete patient care, medical education and research facilities in a single complex. Located in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan, it is also the site of Columbia University's four medical schools.

NYP/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of NY

NYP/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of NY, located on 166th Street and Broadway, dates back to 1887 when it was founded as a Babies Hospital, the first hospital dedicated to the care of babies in New York City. Ranked as the #1 children's hospital in New York City and one of the best in the country, the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of NY provides leading care in all medical specialties and is internationally known for its pediatric cardiac services.

How to Apply

To apply to this program, please complete our online application and reference form.

For More Information

For more information about our CPE programs please see the Frequently Asked Questions section and/or contact Karen Berdecia, CPE Registrar, at kab9033@nyp.org. If you would like to have a phone conversation, please email Karen to set-up a day and time.