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Advanced radiation therapy techniques, close to your home

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Radiation therapy is a cornerstone of treatment for many types of cancer and certain benign (noncancerous) conditions. The Weill Cornell Medicine Meyer Cancer Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is a proud home to one of the most comprehensive radiation oncology programs in the region. The latest radiation therapy technologies are available right here in your community, in Brooklyn. A course of radiation can be lengthy: as many as five days a week for several weeks. Fortunately for Brooklyn residents, they do not need to travel far from home to receive this treatment.

We continuously monitor our equipment and processes. We have implemented rigorous quality assurance protocols and are running several quality improvement projects at any given time. All treatment plans are independently reviewed to ensure your treatment is delivered safely and accurately.

Services & Specialties

    Comprehensive radiation oncology services

    • External beam radiation therapy
    • Internal radiation therapy
    • Radiation oncology research and training


    Our Team

    Your dedicated treatment team

    Your radiation therapy course is directed by a radiation oncologist: a doctor who has completed highly specialized training in oncology and the delivery of therapeutic radiation. The radiation oncologists at the Meyer Cancer Center are also on the radiation oncology team at Weill Cornell Medicine.

    Our radiation oncologists collaborate closely with other members of each patient's cancer care team — including medical, surgical, and gynecologic oncologists, interventional radiologists, pain specialists, dentists, and primary care doctors — to deliver multidisciplinary and comprehensive care. Physicists, dosimetrists, technologists, and oncology nurses are also members of your radiation therapy team. All work together to create a highly customized and individualized treatment plan that best meets your personal needs.

    Our Approach to Care

    Radiation treatments delivered with precision

    We use radiation therapy to treat a wide range of cancers and benign conditions. The radiation treatments we give today are more targeted than ever before, with technology that enables our doctors to kill tumor tissue precisely while sparing more nearby healthy tissue. The result: we can deliver higher, more effective doses of radiation to kill cancer cells while reducing the side effects that patients may experience.

    Clinical trial opportunities

    The Meyer Cancer Center is a site for the NRG Oncology Group, which brings together the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project, the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group, and the Gynecologic Oncology Group — each recognized internationally as a leader in cancer research. Through our relationship with Weill Cornell Medicine, we are a member of the academically prestigious Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology. You may have the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial of a promising new treatment.

    Radiation oncology residency and research

    Our hospital also has an ACGME (American College of Graduate Medical Education)-accredited four-year Radiation Oncology Residency Program, as well as physicists and radiobiologists who conduct clinical research. These research and training initiatives ensure that your treatment team stays abreast of the latest advances in the field.

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