Advances in Urology

Led by a team of expert doctors, our urology program is #1 in volume in the US.

With more top urologists than any other hospital nationwide, our top-ranked urology program provides expert care to our patients.

image of Dr. Marc Goldstein

Comprehensive Programs Focus on Male Reproductive Health

Physicians in the Departments of Urology at NewYork-Presbyterian offer the most advanced diagnostic technologies and treatment strategies to address male infertility, sexual dysfunction, and low testosterone.

image of Dr. Jim C. Hu

Prostate Cancer: Perspectives on Therapeutic Advances

With the advent of robotically assisted and minimally invasive surgical practices, along with newer imaging approaches, clinicians at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell are providing care with dramatically transformed treatment options.

image of Dr. Patrick J. Culligan

Improving Surgical Approaches in Urogynecology

Center for Female Pelvic Health in the Department of Urology at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell provides care for women who have suffer– and often silently – with discomforting pelvic conditions, including pelvic organ prolapse.

image of Dr. Steven B. Brandes

Reconstructive Urology: Helping to Restore Quality of Life

The Division of Reconstructive Urologic Surgery in the Department of Urology at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia, in collaboration with Gynecologic Oncology, Colorectal Surgery, and Plastic Surgery, addresses the myriad issues related to surgically restoring lower urinary tract and genital form and function.

image of Dr. Matthew P. Rutman

A Dedicated Team Focuses on Urinary Disorders

The specialists in the Department of Urology at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia bring their combined skills and experience in a range of treatment options for urinary disorders, including voiding dysfunction and urinary tract infection, whilst pursuing clinical research in a number of areas critical to improving treatment outcomes.

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