Project STAY

NewYork-Presbyterian Ambulatory Care Network

Project STAY
(Services to Assist Youth)

Training for Heathcare Providers

ttaining practical skills to effectively engage in serving the public health needs of northern Manhattan and the New York City metropolitan area — whether it be as a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, health educator, or related healthcare role — is a keen challenge for students. Typical undergraduate and graduate coursework often provides little opportunity to apply knowledge in practical ways.

To bridge the gap between academic training and community needs, NewYork-Presbyterian's Project STAY program utilizes student collaborators from the public health, health informatics, nutrition, health promotion, journalism, and pharmacy fields in a structured skill-building and workforce development format that offers exceptional training opportunities compared with traditional internships and volunteer experiences. Students benefit from:

  • Clinical exposure and skills: Students learn by shadowing clinicians, participating in clinical rotations, and providing patients with supportive counseling and medical care in Project STAY's two clinics.
  • Practica and internships: Harlem Health Promotion Center offers hands-on experience for students to develop health education strategies, gain in-depth knowledge about a community or population, improve communication skills, learn administrative skills, and expand their working knowledge of diseases and treatments.
  • Public health exposure and skills: Students collaborate with community organizations by engaging in meaningful, hands-on aspects of almost every area of programming. Students from national and international colleges and universities develop working relationships with community members and stakeholders, build relationships with partners at district and city public health offices as well as other public officials, and forge relationships with healthcare consumers that set the tone for how they will function as healthcare providers as their careers progress.