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Youth Anxiety Center Webinar Series

Youth and families are facing new and sustained stressors as a result of the unprecedented challenges of this time. Change and loss have impacted all aspects of life, requiring new strategies for coping and finding support from one another. The NYP Youth Anxiety Center  is offering a series of webinars for young adults, ages 16-28, and for the parents of young adults, which will offer skills and guidance for families to cope with the challenges specific to youth in this transitional life stage.

TH 4/30: Parent webinar 1: Helping your young adult child cope with stress

T 5/5: Young Adult webinar 1: Understanding our Emotions during this challenging time

TH 5/7: Parent webinar 2: Helping your young adult build independence during a pandemic

T 5/12: Young adult webinar 2: Coping and Keeping Busy

TH 5/14: Parent webinar 3: Parent coping and conflict management

T 5/19: Young adult webinar 3: Staying connected to others during social distancing

TH 5/21: Parent webinar 4: Helping your young adult navigate abrupt transitions

T 5/26: Young adult webinar 4: Dealing with anxious or unwanted thoughts

TH 5/28: Parent and Young adult joint webinar 5: Accepting reality and making meaning

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