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What to Expect

After giving birth, you and your child will be given a room on our postpartum unit, which includes a bathroom with shower facilities. A nursing attendant will greet you and provide you with our welcome toiletries kit in the event you do not have your personal grooming items.

Mother and newborn care

The nursing staff is dedicated to providing outstanding family-centered care. One nurse is typically assigned to care for both mother and infant to help us reach the goal of providing the highest quality of care. We encourage keeping mothers and babies together to promote bonding, parenting skills, and successful breastfeeding. Our goal is to provide care that is respectful of and responsive to each family’s individual preferences, needs, and values. Parents may also have their babies treated in the nursery at any time.

Infant care and parenting skills are emphasized throughout the Hospital stay. Experienced pediatricians and nursing staff are available 24 hours a day to teach mothers and their significant others about caring for their infants. You will receive a booklet with information about the child and postpartum care upon admission. Also, baby care educational classes for parents are held daily, providing information on baby care basics, including:

The New York State Department of Health requires you to view a video on shaken baby syndrome, which explains the dangers of shaking a newborn. You will be able to see this video on channels 83 and 84 on your hospital television.

Newborn nurseries

Healthy infants are cared for in the Well Baby Nurseries at NewYork-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns and the Sloane Hospital for Women at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. Patient care is provided by attending pediatricians, pediatric residents, pediatric nurse practitioners, mother-baby nurses, and lactation consultants. Complete care of the term and near-term newborn from delivery through discharge, including guidance for the parent, is the focus of the nursery team. This care includes:

  • complete physical examination of infants upon admission to the nursery and again on the day of discharge
  • assessment and management of breastfeeding mothers and their infants
  • daily assessment of children by the attending pediatrician and nursery health care team
  • management of children with common conditions such as weight loss, jaundice, and breastfeeding issues
  • performance of mandated New York State screening tests for all infants
  • administration of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended a birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine

Bedside rounds

Many caregivers are involved in each patient’s care. It is essential that all of these caregivers share information among themselves and with parents to work efficiently as a team. This sharing takes place during bedside rounds. During bedside rounds, the nursery team will:

  • discuss your newborn’s status
  • perform your newborn’s physical exam
  • listen to your concerns
  • answer your questions and provide guidance
  • involve you in the decision-making process related to neonatal care

For more information, please consult with your doctor’s office.