Sports Performance

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Sports Performance

Formerly Lawrence Hospital

Sports Therapy

Located at the NewYork-Presbyterian Sports Performance, the Columbia sports therapy team of physicians and physical therapists work with athletes at various skill levels to guide their recovery from injury or a surgical procedure, helping them get back to sport quickly and safely. With specialized training in manual therapy, sports-specific techniques, and experience working with athletes, the team helps athletes recover and gain strength and flexibility.


Non-operative Care

Before considering surgery, the clinical team helps patients with non-operative treatments. Sports medicine physicians, pain management physicians, and physical therapists specialize in the non-operative care of sports injuries through advanced diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound, manual therapy, biologic treatments, and additional advanced medical therapies. Most injuries can be treated effectively without surgery.


Advanced Physical Therapy

Sports therapists utilize advanced technologies and the latest techniques when caring for patients:

  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization
  • Cupping
  • Blood flow restriction, using a device to adjust pressure on the upper arm or upper thigh so you can work at a low level of resistance while achieving the benefits of a higher resistance level
  • Med4 Elite® Game Ready® units, which can be used in multiple ways to apply iceless cold therapies (cryotherapy), controllable heat therapy (thermotherapy), rapid contrast therapy (a way to improve blood flow to an injured area and reduce nerve sensitivity and pain), and active compression therapies (to reduce swelling and enhance blood flow)
  • Banding (the use of resistance bands to build strength and flexibility)
  • TRX Suspension Weight Training

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