Becoming a Volunteer


  • Application: Please fully complete and submit the online application, including the reference. After submitting your application, to the campus of your choice, it will be reviewed by a member of the Volunteer Services team. You will be contacted post review regarding the status of your application. Please note: A valid Social Security number is needed in order for any application to be reviewed.
  • Interview: If there is opportunity volunteer opportunity you might be suitable for, you will be scheduled for an interview. Please note some programs do require a second interview with your designated supervisor. Please note the process has been adjusted to minimize in person contact and interviews will take place virtually (via Zoom). 
    • Pre-placement medical evaluation: A medical screening at the campus specific Workforce Health and Safety department will be arranged. This evaluation is required by New York State Public Health Law to promote the safety and well-being of our patients and our staff. The visit includes a physical, Tuberculosis/TB blood test, and a drug test.
    • Background check/Security: All volunteer applicants 18 and over will need to complete fingerprinting with our Security Department in order to run a New York State background check. A national criminal and out-of-state search will also be conducted by the Volunteer Services department.
    • Orientation: You will complete an online orientation and quiz before starting your volunteer assignment. The orientation will cover hospital guidelines, regulations, policies & procedures as they pertain to your volunteer placement. You will also complete an orientation with the area to which you are assigned within 30 days from start.


  • Commitment: We ask volunteers to commit to at least one consecutive four- hour period per week and a minimum of 150 hours, some opportunities may differ.
  • Schedule: Assignment times will vary depending on campus and opportunity. If you cannot come in at your designated time you will need to alert the proper supervisor and do a makeup assignment at an agreed time.
  • Attendance/Absence: Volunteers must communicate with the Volunteer Department for any need for an extended absence or if you will be ending your volunteer commitment.
  • Timekeeping: You will be required to log all of your volunteer hours into our timekeeping system.
  • Annual Compliance: Volunteers must maintain compliance with annual health reviews, evaluations, and education, as well as other items as necessary.