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NYP Second Opinion

What: Get a Written Second Opinion from Top Physicians at New York’s #1 Hospital

As the teaching hospital for both Columbia and Weill Cornell, NewYork-Presbyterian has renowned physicians whose clinical research keeps them at the forefront of innovative, patient-centered care. Getting a second opinion from world-class experts can be a vital part of making a decision about your care or that of a loved one. With NYP OnDemand Second Opinion, you can receive a written second opinion through our secure online portal.

NewYork-Presbyterian partners with Grand Rounds, a care team that will help you through every step of this process. The entire process takes no more than 5 business days once your medical records and test results have been gathered. See a sample second opinion >

Why: The Benefits of Getting a Digital Second Opinion

  • Save time and energy. With our digital second opinion, you save the many weeks it can take to get an in-person appointment with a specialist, as well as the energy you spend organizing travel and accommodations in NYC.
  • Get your second opinion from a world-class specialist in just 5 business days, without leaving home. This highly detailed, personalized, and timely analysis means you and your physician can make crucial, next-step decisions much sooner. See a sample second opinion >
  • We do all the legwork. Grand Rounds will gather all of your relevant medical records and test results.
  • No additional testing is necessary. Because we have world-renowned pathologists and radiologists reviewing your case alongside your assigned specialist, it is unlikely you will need to go through any additional testing.

You can get your second opinion for $800 without insurance. That’s less than the total expense of airfare, hotel, meals and incidentals that go into traveling to an in-person appointment at NewYork-Presbyterian. Check out our FAQs for details on all that the fee includes.

How Digital Second Opinion Works

1. Sign Up and Tell Us Your Situation.

What you’ll need to provide:

  •  Information about yourself or your loved one, such as demographic details and specifics about the medical condition. You will also be able to write to the specialist about why you or your loved one is seeking a second opinion.
  •  Up to 5 questions you would like answered by the expert specialist about your case.
  •  A credit card to pay the Second Opinion fee of $800.
  •  A list of the local doctors whom Grand Rounds should contact to obtain medical records, as well as their contact information.

2. Grand Rounds Gathers the Records, and our Expert Specialist Reviews.

A Grand Rounds care coordinator will be assigned to your case, calling you to go over the process. Grand Rounds gathers the medical records and sends them to the appropriate Columbia or Weill Cornell specialist for your condition. That specialist will then review your case and provide a detailed opinion, along with his or her professional and educational background.

3. Receive Your Second Opinion.

You and your local physician will be notified by email to log in to your account to access the second opinion. You can review this information with your local physician in order to make an informed decision about next steps. Grand Rounds will also follow up with you to answer any questions. And, if you would like to have an in-person appointment with the specialist who completed your second opinion, Grand Rounds and NewYork-Presbyterian will work directly with the specialist’s office to help schedule this visit for you. Please note that this in-person appointment is separate from the cost and process of your Second Opinion.

See a sample second opinion >

Need Help?

Contact our partner Grand Rounds between 9 am and 9 pm EST at 1-800-391-6920 for help navigating this process.