Disruptive Behavior

The hospital has zero tolerance for intimidating, bullying, disruptive and/or violent behaviors. If any of these behaviors are happening in your department, contact your supervisor, Human Resources or Security immediately.

What is considered disruptive behavior?

Unacceptable, disruptive conduct may include, but is not limited to behavior such as the following:

  • Verbal abuse, profanity, vulgarity, threatening words/actions, sexual harassment, physical threats, physical attacks – leveled at hospital personnel, medical staff, volunteers, patients or visitors that are personal in nature, irrelevant, or beyond the bounds of fair professional conduct;
  • Impertinent or inappropriate comments or illustrations made in medical records or other official hospital documents that criticize the quality of patient care in the hospital or attack particular hospital personnel, physicians, or hospital policies;
  • Criticism that is leveled at the recipient in such a way that it intimidates, undermines confidence, belittles, or implies stupidity or incompetence;
  • Passive aggressive behaviors, reluctance or refusal to answer questions, return phone calls, email messages, or pages; condescending language or voice intonation, refusing to perform assigned tasks or uncooperative behaviors and attitudes during routine assignments and activities.
  • Behavior that unnecessarily creates a stressful environment and interferes with others' effective functioning.

What should I do if I have witnessed or have been subject to potentially disruptive conduct?

Anyone who feels that he or she has witnessed or has been subjected to potentially disruptive conduct should immediately report the incident to his or her supervisor, to Human Resources, Labor / Employee Relations, to the Service Chief, the Chief Medical Officer, or to any member of management or administration with whom he or she feels most comfortable. The hospital will not tolerate any form of retaliation against employees or faculty who report disruptive conduct or who cooperate in an investigation of such reports in accordance with this policy.


NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital

Security Department
Phone: 212-932-4400

NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Security Department
Phone: 212-305-2222

NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital

Security Department
Phone: 212-312-5110 – external calls
Phone: ext. 3333 – internal calls

NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital

Security Department
Phone: 212-342-2222

NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center

Security Department
Phone: 212-746-0911

NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester Behavioral Health Center

Security Department
Phone: 914-682-9100, ext. 2424