Radiation Safety

Personal Monitors

In order to ensure that employee exposure to radiation does not exceed legal safety standards, all employees who use and/or routinely come into contact with radioactive materials must participate in the personal monitoring program.

How to order a Personal Radiation Monitor

In order to request a Personal Radiation Monitor, your supervisor must first determine eligibility and then request this monitor. Your supervisor must fill out the Radiation Monitor Request Form and submit it to the Radiation Safety Officer.

Who must wear a Personal Radiation Monitor?

All employees who use or routinely come into contact with radioactive materials or radiation producing equipment will be provided with a personal monitor issued by the Office of Health Physics. The decision to issue a badge will be consistent with Article 175 of the New York City Health Code. The personal monitor is intended to assist in the assessment of the radiation exposure and dose that is received by an individual. The personal monitoring number assigned to each employee is unique. The badge must only be used by the person whose name appears on the badge.

How to monitor radiation exposure using a Personal Radiation Monitor

Employees may consult privately with the Office of Health Physics about their results of the personal monitor or any other safety concerns regarding radiation and radiation exposure. Monitoring records are permanently maintained in the Office of Health Physics. Results of personnel monitoring are sent to the Department on a monthly basis and posted in each Service area. Results may also be discussed at the Technical Quality Assurance meetings and the Radiation Safety Committee meetings.

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