Radiation Safety

The Environmental Health and Safety Departments at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and the Radiation Safety offices of Weill Cornell Medical College and Columbia University work together to maintain the safest possible environment with regard to the use of radioactivity and radiation producing equipment. They work together to enforce and oversee the safe use, storage and disposal of radioactive materials in all clinical and research applications and provide education to students, clinicians and scientists on these matters.

The following are some of the services the Radiation Safety Offices provide:

  • Training staff in the proper handling and documentation of radioactive materials and the operation of radiation producing equipment.
  • Providing a centralized ordering system of radioactive isotopes.
  • Performing inspections and audits of radioactive materials within the laboratories.
  • Performing leakage tests on sealed sources.
  • Providing personnel radiation dosimetry monitoring service.
  • Providing radioactive materials waste pick-up and disposal service.
  • Provide and maintain beta & gamma sample counting equipment, and an iodination core facility.
  • Providing structural shielding plans for fixed radiological installations.
  • Monitoring environmental releases to ensure regulatory compliance.


Environmental Health and Safety (all sites)

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