Hospital Price Transparency

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens wants to help its patients and potential patients understand any bills they may receive. In order to be transparent it provides information for a select group of Shoppable Services as well as a more comprehensive file of its Standard Charges. The portion of any hospital bill you are responsible to pay depends on the health insurance benefits that apply so your insurer is the best source regarding covered costs and your responsibility. For a fuller understanding of your estimated out-of-pocket expenses, you should contact your insurer or benefit plan administrator. NewYork-Presbyterian Queens will regularly update and refine the price information provided. The information provided in the hyperlink was last updated February 16, 2024.

Shoppable Services

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens has made an estimator tool available for Shoppable Services. These services are frequently used on a non-urgent or emergency basis and can be scheduled in advance. The tool has 70 items and services specified in applicable regulations and at least another 230 selected by NewYork-Presbyterian Queens. The NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Shoppable Services Estimator tool allows you to obtain an estimate of the amount you will be obligated to pay the hospital for the shoppable service.

Standard Charges Data

The Standard Charge information provided includes only NewYork-Presbyterian Queens charges and does not include any charges billed separately such as professional services provided by any independent physician or other clinicians. Standard Charges provided in the tables above include information in the following 5 categories except when information in any one or more of these categories is not available or does not apply. The amounts listed as Standard Charges do not reflect payment by insurance and health benefit plans and are not the patient’s actual out-of-pocket cost.

  1. Gross charge: amount billed for each item or service absent any discounts
  2. Discounted cash price: amount billed for each item or service to an individual patient who personally pays
  3. Payer-specific negotiated charge: the charge negotiated with third party payers presented with payer’s name
  4. Minimum negotiated charge: the lowest charge negotiated among third-party payers for an item or service, without naming the payer
  5. Maximum negotiated charge: the highest charge negotiated among third-party payers for an item or service, without naming the payer
The Standard Charge information provided in the file is made available as required by applicable law (see, Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 180) for individuals seeking hospital items and services and the limited purposes as specified in the applicable statutes and regulations. Any other use or disclosure of this information whether in part or in whole, alone or in combination with other information, including reports and analysis derived from the data provided is prohibited. The Standard Charge data includes elements of negotiated arrangements between Hospital and payers set forth in contractual agreements and the parties to these agreements may have rights to maintain such information as confidential and subject to the protections of trade secrets.

Your Cost

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Standard Charges are uniform for all its patients. The actual patient out-of-pocket costs, however, may significantly vary depending on one or more of the following:

  • the actual patient care services received
  • the terms of your insurance coverage including copayment, coinsurance, deductible and any other patient responsibility
  • negotiated discounts or amounts set by insurers and other payers which are paid to hospitals before your cost is determined
  • your eligibility for financial assistance through NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.