Referrals to OPAT

Referrals to the OPAT unit at NYP Queens may be made by any healthcare provider caring for patients either in the community or the hospital setting. Patients may request direct referrals to our center from their providers. All referrals will be reviewed by the Infectious Diseases team to ensure they are appropriate for our center and we will coordinate care with the referring and/or primary provider. We participate in many insurance plans and our patient navigators facilitate prior authorization process as required.

Venous access devices (peripheral intravenous catheters, PICC lines, midlines, etc.) are NOT required for entry to OPAT; we will make the needed arrangements based on our evaluation of the patient and the planned duration of treatment. Case managers can assist in arranging for wound care or other required services. Of note, although we provide a range of intravenous, intra-muscular, or subcutaneous treatments, we do not provide chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

We will work with our patient navigators to ensure the transition to our center is smooth and above all safe for patients.

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