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Surgery Residency

Women in Surgery

Despite women comprising more than half of medical school enrollees, their representation remains scarce in surgical fields and academia.  At NewYork-Presbyterian Queens, we are committed to celebrating diversity in all its forms and fostering an environment where individuals of all ethnicities, cultures, and genders can thrive. It is with great pride that we acknowledge the significant presence of women among our current surgical trainees for the 2022-2023 academic year. Moreover, we take immense satisfaction in having numerous accomplished female faculty members in leadership positions, guiding our residency program, surgical education, and hospital administration.

To empower and uplift our female residents we have established the Women in Surgery Program. Led by esteemed female surgical faculty, this program is dedicated to providing mentorship, ensuring equality, and offering unwavering support to our trainees. Our primary objective is to create an environment that nurtures their educational and professional growth in the field of surgery. Throughout the year, we organize gatherings to address the unique challenges faced by female surgeons, both within our department and on a national scale. These events serve as catalysts for driving positive change in workforce conditions.

At NewYork-Presbyterian Queens, we are dedicated to paving the way for women to excel in surgery and breaking barriers. Through our commitment to inclusivity, mentorship, and empowerment, we provide the necessary resources and support for women to reach their full potential. Our goal is to build a lifelong network that enhances women’s surgical career.