Frequently Asked Questions

All newly hired staff of NewYork-Presbyterian Queens receive their own personal copy of the Employee Handbook in order to better understand their rights and privileges as an employee of our institution. The Employee Handbook is designed to provide a review of Human Resources policies, procedures, and benefit programs; to promote communication and understanding between staff and supervisors; and to outline workplace expectations and guidelines.

Have Questions?

You are eligible for paid vacation after six (6) months of employment.

You must be employed for 30 days to be eligible to use personal days.

You lose it! Vacation and personal time do not carry over year to year with the exception of your first year.

Yes! Sick time can accumulate up to 130 sick days.

Call your Department Head or Supervisor at least one hour before you’re scheduled to begin working. You must call in every day you anticipate to be absent due to illness.

If you are absent for three or more consecutive days, you are required to submit a doctor’s note to your Department Head/Supervisor, however your Supervisor may ask for a doctor’s note at their discretion. If you are absent due to illness/injury for five or more working days, Employee Health Services must clear you to return to work.

New Years Day

Martin Luther King Jr. day

President’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day


Christmas Day

If you are scheduled to work on a holiday, you will be paid one-and-one half times your regular pay (only non-exempt employees) and given another day off.

Your paycheck is designed to provide you with a complete and ongoing description of your earnings, your deductions, and your sick, holiday and vacation balances.

Paydays occur every other Thursday. Pay periods begin at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday and end two weeks later on Saturday at midnight.

Your Supervisor will distribute your paycheck to you.




If you have been employed by the Medical Center for at least one year and you have a history of satisfactory evaluations, you may apply for transfer.

You may obtain a “Transfer Application” in Human Resources and on the HR website available of the NYP Queens Intranet. Once you have completed the application along with your supervisor’s signature, you may turn it in to Human Resources and you will be placed on the transfer request list.

Once you are on the transfer request list, you may contact Human Resources to apply for any vacant position for which you are qualified.


Employee Health Services


No. Employee Health Services is for use only when you are at work, on duty, and become ill or injured.

If Employee Health Services is closed, you should seek treatment at Urgent Care in the ER.

If you have an on-the-job accident, you must report this information to your Supervisor immediately. You will be required to complete an Employee Accident Report and will be seen by Employee Health Services or in the Emergency Room to evaluate your injury.

Failure to report an accident, no matter how minor, can result in the loss of important medical treatment, and possibly, the loss of benefits through worker’s compensation.

Yes, copies of your EHS records are available. Requests must be made at least one day in advance of when you wish to pick up, between the hours of 9:00 am-1:00 pm.


Employee Relations


Employees are required to give written notice of their intentions to leave their employment. This notice should be addressed to your Department Head and should be given prior to your last day of work. The advance period must be at least as long as your annual vacation entitlement. All hospital property, uniforms, keys, etc. must be returned to your Department Head on or before your last day of work.

If you receive a subpoena or notice to report for jury duty you must bring the notice to your Department Head as soon as you receive it. If you report for jury duty, you will be paid your regular rate of pay for each day of jury duty service that falls on your regularly scheduled workday.