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Brain Tumor Care

Advanced Neurological Care for Primary Brain Tumors

How We Treat Brain Tumors

Our highly experienced Weill Cornell Medicine physicians, have expertise in treating brain tumors effectively and safely while minimizing potential side effects. Therapy may include one or more of the following:

Surgical Treatment

Brain Tumor Surgery

Our neurosurgeons have exceptional experience in using advanced techniques to remove brain tumors while leaving as much healthy tissue and function as possible. To achieve this, stereotaxis, neuroendoscopy, awake brain mapping, and electrophysiological methods are used to map the tumor’s location in the brain to maximize tumor removal while minimizing risk.

Minimally invasive treatment

Our team of surgeons is a leader in skull base surgery, using endoscopes passed through the nostrils to remove pituitary tumors, chordomas, and other tumors at the base of the skull, an area that in the past has been considered inoperable.

Advanced operating room technologies

The O-arm intraoperative CT imaging and navigation system allows our experienced neurosurgeons to visualize brain anatomy in 3D during the operation, resulting in increased surgical precision, smaller incisions, and improved outcomes. We also continuously monitor the electrical activity of the brain and spinal cord during surgery to reduce the risk of harming vital functions such as movement and sensation. These techniques and procedures enhance safety and allow for more complete tumor removal.

Radiation Therapy

Stereotactic radiosurgery

This novel-image-guided technology features a monitoring system that provides miniature images during treatment to track patient movement, enabling the machine to reposition its beams to the tumor sparing radiation exposure to healthy tissue.

External beam radiation therapy

Treatment that is delivered using the latest linear accelerator technology.

Image-guided radiation therapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy

Precisely focused treatments that match radiation beams to the shape of the tumor.


The implantation of cancer-killing radioactive substances directly into the tumor.


Different chemotherapy drugs may be prescribed depending on the diagnosis and treatment plan. Intravenous chemotherapies (IV therapy) is provided in our OPAT infusion center, where we can monitor your side effects, keep you warm, and address your comfort level. Other chemotherapy drugs can be taken orally (by mouth) in the comfort of your own home.

Our Team

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