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NYP Queens has reduced carbon emissions by 38%

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens was the first and only hospital in the PlaNYC New York City Carbon Challenge to reduce carbon emissions by 30%. That goal was reached in 2012. Today our carbon reductions have reached 38%.

See our PlaNYC web page for full details.

NYP Queens purchases hydropower

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens is currently purchasing a portion of its electricity through the Recharge NY economic development power program. Approximately 8% of the hospital's power is derived from environmentally-friendly hydropower. Hydropower is renewable, clean, and less expensive.

Communicating sustainability

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens recognizes the critical interdependence between human health and the health of the planet. Our hospital is working to reduce the environmental impact of our building's energy and water use and is committed to the continued development of greener healthful practices.

Recognizing that sustaining a healthy environment is essential to maintaining both personal and public health, NewYork-Presbyterian Queens is dedicated to promoting healthy patients and communities locally and globally by safeguarding our environment. NYP Queens fulfills its obligation to protect and preserve the earth's resources by seeking innovative ways to conserve, reduce, reuse, and recycle by its own actions and through partnerships with others.

Realization of these principles will be achieved by the full participation and sustained commitment of all our employees, medical staff and vendors. We believe it is the responsibility of every healthcare organization to provide the healthiest and safest environment to its patients, staff and community.

NYP Queens's Sustainability Program aligns directly with the goals of the hospital - to create the safest and healthiest environment for our patients, staff and community.

  • Our Partnerships: Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, New York State Research and Development Authority, New York City Economic Development Corporation, Targeting 100!
  • Green Roof: Approximately 20,000 square feet of roof space is being outfitted with a modular green roof. The purpose is to regulate and capture stormwater runoff during wet weather.
  • Our Projects: NYP Queens has undertaken several infrastructure projects aimed at reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Learn more about these upgrades and how they reduce our energy consumption and promote a greener hospital.
  • Our Benchmarks: Learn more about the benchmarks we use to measure ourselves against the typical hospital's energy use and carbon footprint.
  • Our Recycling Program: Learn more about our recycling programs and your role in reducing waste at NYP Queens.
  • PlaNYC Mayorial Challenge to Hospitals: Learn more about NYP Queens's participation in this citywide initiative to reduce our carbon footprint.

Click here to see our Green Timeline.

NYP Queens's Energy advisory consultant is Gotham 360 LLC. Gotham 360's services include energy procurement strategies, development of energy programs, project development, project management, and conservation.