Emergency Medicine Residency

Emergency Medicine Residency

Resident Life & Wellbeing

Resident as Teachers

Developing future leaders in medical education is one of the core goals of our Emergency Medicine Residency Program. Our EM residents are engaged in an array of teaching activities throughout their residency, including presentations at weekly conferences and daily morning / noon reports. Bedside teaching occurs during the PGY-3 year while overseeing the care of seriously ill patients and during the PGY-4 year while supervising junior residents and serving as a "pre-attending".

Innovation and creativity in their teaching modalities is highly encouraged and supported. Our residents have the opportunity to design educational symposiums, run simulations, teach problem-based learning sessions, precept at the bedside, work with medical students and even teach internationally.

Wellness & Well-being

Our emergency departments and residency program are leaders and award winners in the area of physician wellness. We have attendings that are trained to spot resident fatigue, and we encourage residents to take care of each other. There is a robust and active wellness apparatus.

Some of our organized activities include:

  • Family Welcome Dinner: During orientation, the program director hosts a dinner for incoming interns and their families to initiate the journey through residency.
  • Intern Day: Midway through the first year, the intern class is excused from clinical duties for an afternoon together spiced with a little competitive bowling.
  • Annual Retreat: Each spring, residents and faculty enjoy an annual department-wide social retreat. All residents are excused from clinical duties. Our department retreats have included white-water rafting, a Manhattan harbor cruise, deep sea fishing, and sports and boating at a rural camp.
  • Graduation: At the end of the year, the hospital hosts a graduation party in Battery Park for the 4th year residents finishing the program. This is a great celebration where our Residency Family comes together to commemorate hard work, success and good friends. All residents are excused from clinical duties to attend.
  • Annual SAEM Conference: All second year residents are relieved from clinical duties and sent by the department to attend the national SAEM Conference as a class.