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What is a Project Advisory Committee (PAC)?

New York State requires each Performing Provider System (PPS) to form a Project Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC advises Performing Provider Systems on all elements of their DSRIP Project Plans and includes representation from each of the collaborators as well as representatives of the healthcare workforce. The PACs were a requirement of the application and are expected to be in place over the duration of the DSRIP program.

NYP's Project Advisory Committee Responsibilities

In order to facilitate broad engagement of the community, collaborators, and other stakeholders, the NYP PPS opted for an alternative PAC structure, consisting of 50+ members. Approximately half of the PAC members are drawn from the community, from organizations such as community health worker programs, local government, public health agencies, educational facilities, senior centers, housing organizations, youth programs and churches. The community representatives are joined by labor union members, invited based on the union representation of NYP PPS members with more than 50 employees. The remaining PAC members consist of representatives of NYP PPS network members. Provider representatives on the PAC cover all PPS provider types and membership is flexible, based on the PPS's network, patient attribution, and collaborators.

If you or your organization is interested in participating in the PAC, please contact us at [email protected].

Committee Guidelines

Meeting Materials

This website includes the meeting agendas, minutes, and materials from the Project Advisory Committee.