Early Onset Scoliosis Center

Specialized Spine Care for the Youngest Patients

The Center for Early Onset Scoliosis at NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital is one of North America's leading centers for diagnosing and treating scoliosis in young children. Early onset scoliosis (EOS) affects children up through age 8.

  • A Team of Experts for Your Child: Our doctors thoroughly evaluate your child and customize a personalized plan of care. Children with EOS also often have other medical disorders that require attention. As a full-service children's hospital featuring specialists from every area of medicine, we provide all of the care your child may need — such as heart, lung, and kidney function tests and treatment of related disorders — all in one center.
  • Nonoperative and Surgical Treatments: We offer the full range of nonsurgical and surgical treatments for your child, including Mehta casting, bracing, spinal stapling, conventional growing rods, Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib (VEPTR), and now MAGEC® (MAGnetic Expansion Control) — the first remotely controlled growing rod approved in the U.S. which can be lengthened in the office with a magnet, sparing the need for repeated surgeries. We have the largest casting program in the northeast for children with EOS. Our goal is to straighten your child's spine while increasing lung function and promoting normal lung development.
  • Leading the Way in Research: Our physician-scientists conduct research to advance the care of children with musculoskeletal concerns, and are also among an elite group of spine surgeons selected to participate in national research groups. They're studying new ways to treat severe spine and rib cage deformities and assessing outcomes of children treated with VEPTR and growing rods. Our team also created the classification system for EOS and is developing ways to reduce the risk of complications such as surgical site infections. Through our research and clinical work, we'll continue to deliver high-quality care to our patients and advance the overall quality of care delivered by pediatric orthopedic surgeons across the country.

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