Food Allergy Centers

Education is the key to living with food allergies

Some children with food allergies react severely, and sometimes fatally, when exposed to food allergens. So identifying a food allergen is vital to a child’s health and well-being. At NewYork-Presbyterian's Food Allergy Centers, we understand how your child's food allergy impacts his or her everyday activities as well as your entire family.

  • A Safe Place for Food Allergy Testing: We first test your child for food allergies by performing skin tests and blood tests. Our center has a fully equipped treatment area on-site where we can perform food challenges. During these tests, we determine if your child can tolerate a specific food by exposing him or her to it. We can treat a reaction immediately and effectively if one happens.
  • One-on-One Education: Once we've identified which foods your child is allergic to, we work with you and your child to learn how to eliminate those foods from the diet. This education is very important and will help your child and your family understand what foods he or she needs to avoid and how to handle a reaction if one occurs. Our specialists work closely with you to provide this education and to teach your child how to advocate for his or her own health.


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