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What is a NYP OnDemand Virtual Visit?

Through NYP OnDemand Virtual Visits, you can save time traveling to and waiting in the doctor's office by video conferencing with your doctor instead. It is a quick, convenient way to communicate with medical professionals contributing to your care, including your existing doctor. Virtual Visits require an internet or Wi-Fi connection and can be accessed via the NYP app or on the web. Ask your provider if they offer this convenient service and if it may be appropriate for your care.  

Why have a Virtual Visit?

It may be appropriate to speak with your physician through video if you live far away from your provider’s office, or if you feel more comfortable having a visit from your home. You may have a routine check-up before a procedure, or a standard follow-up appointment after it is completed without having to travel to the doctor’s office.

How does a Virtual Visit work?

To have a virtual visit, you must first download the NYP app or visit to create an account. For detailed instructions on how to create an account and what to do before your appointment, use the resources below.

Technology Requirements

For the best experience, use the NYP app on your mobile device. Supported devices include:

  • IOS Devices (iPhone or iPad)
  • Android Devices (Phone or tablet)
  • Laptop or desktop with a microphone and web camera

Important Information

  • Currently, this service is only available to patients located in New York State.
  • For a successful visit, you must have an internet or Wi-Fi connection and be in a private, well-lit room.
  • Please contact your provider’s office to cancel or re-schedule your virtual visit.
  • If you have any technical issues or questions, call 855-666-9540.

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