Inter-hospital Consults

As a visitor to one of our hospitals, you may have many physicians from different disciplines working on your case to provide you with care. With Digital Consult, physicians can collaborate on patient cases in real time through videoconferencing. With high quality cameras and speakers at the patient’s bedside, they are able to accurately assess conditions and communicate. Doctors throughout our healthcare system can quickly consult with leading specialists, who can also evaluate and talk with the patient directly.

Our Inter-Hospital Consult programs include:

  • TelePsychiatry: Physicians across NYP can consult with psychiatrists on patient cases through live video. The psychiatrists can also see and speak with the patients to directly provide care.
  • TeleStroke: Physicians across NYP can collaborate on stroke cases through live video.
  • TelePediatrics: Physicians across NYP can consult with pediatric experts on patient cases through live video.


One of our Digital Consult programs is TeleStroke. In the event of a stroke, every minute is crucial in preventing serious brain damage and death. NewYork-Presbyterian physicians use Telestroke to confirm diagnoses, and to more rapidly determine the best treatment plan. To learn more about this service, watch this video below.