Spine doctor looking at x-ray with a patientAt Och Spine at NewYork-Presbyterian, we understand the spine is a critical and complex part of the human body and, if injured, can have a significant impact on everyday life. Sometimes injuries from sports or accidents can result in spinal fractures, or trauma may occur simply over time due to a degenerative condition like osteoporosis (a weakening of the bones).

When a spine is injured, Och Spine specialists are here to help patients.


Helping Patients Recover from Spine Injuries, Fractures, and Infections

Why Choose Us

Facing a serious spine injury may feel overwhelming. At Och Spine, our spine specialists have guided thousands of patients through treatment with their expertise and compassion. Our spine teams believe in looking at each patient's whole health picture. This holistic approach means we work closely with interdisciplinary specialists and our patients to ensure every possibility to regain a vibrant, active lifestyle.


Restoring Function After Spinal Trauma

Our Approach to Care

Our goal at Och Spine is to help each patient restore function after spine trauma and return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Spinal cord injury

From the first time our spine doctors see a patient with spinal cord trauma, we begin a journey together. Our multidisciplinary team of spine specialists thoroughly evaluates the injury by engaging the patient through physical movement, if possible, and questions. We listen and observe to understand the extent of spine injury and employ diagnostic technology such as MRI, CT scan, and X-ray to help determine the best treatment path. Our doctors work closely with patients to stabilize the injury and provide treatment and rehabilitation.

Spine infections

Patients suffering from a spine infection may have symptoms other than back pain, such as fever and joint discomfort. Doctors first decide if they can treat the infection without surgery. Non-surgical recommendations may include antibiotics or antifungals. In some cases, a spine surgeon may need to repair damage caused by infection due to previous surgery.

Spine fractures

Spine fractures happen when excess pressure on the bony parts of the spine, called vertebrae, causes a break or collapse. One common type of spinal fracture is called a compression fracture. Compression fractures may occur with aging and osteoporosis and may be treated with conservative measures. When spinal fractures occur from trauma, they often require immediate care.


Our Infection & Spine Trauma Doctors

Our Team

Our highly trained, board-certified Och Spine doctors treat spinal cord injuries, vertebral fractures, and infections in patients across the New York metropolitan area. Affiliated with two of the country's leading academic medical institutions, Columbia University and Weill Cornell Medicine, our specialists and subspecialists offer patients unparalleled care for the back and spine.