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At NewYork-Presbyterian, we see patients at all stages of their spinal tumor journey and work closely with other specialists, including oncologists and radiation oncologists, to ensure you’re provided with the best care possible. Our specialists consider many factors during initial exams, including age and symptoms, before deciding on further screening or tests.

If you’ve been previously diagnosed with a spinal tumor, our team will collaborate with your doctors to make your care seamless.

Our spinal tumor team includes doctors and medical professionals who have successfully treated many tumors, including:

  • Metastatic tumors, which occur when a tumor has spread from a different part of the body
  • Intramedullary tumors, which occur within the spinal cord or in the spine's bones 
  • Meningiomas that form on the membrane covering the spine
  • Schwannomas that form on spinal nerves
  • Schwannomatosis, a condition in which noncancerous (benign) tumors called schwannomas grow on nerves

Whether you’re facing a new spine tumor diagnosis or hoping to manage late-stage care, our spine specialists will guide you through treatment decisions.

Where Spinal Tumor Patients Find Answers

Where Spinal Tumor Patients Find Answers

Spinal tumor patients choose NewYork-Presbyterian for specialized neck and back pain services because we offer comprehensive treatment plans, collaborating with surgery, pain management, and rehabilitation specialists to deliver advanced tumor care.

Expert Spine Tumor Treatment

Expert Spine Tumor Treatment
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Our spinal specialists can evaluate your symptoms and create an individualized treatment plan. Reach out to NewYork-Presbyterian for an appointment today.