Our Expertise

Immediate Care From A Renowned Team Of Cerebrovascular Experts

When the vessels supplying critically important oxygen-rich blood to your brain are damaged or blocked, it's important to treat them promptly and properly to save brain tissue and function. Disruption of these vital conduits can affect your quality of life, and even threaten your life itself. That's why it's so important to get your care at an advanced center like NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, which offers the latest treatments, an experienced team, and exceptional resources. We are dedicated to providing the best treatment and achieving high outcomes for our patients with cerebrovascular diseases, including:

A Leader In Stroke And Cerebrovascular Disease Care

Our patients who have had a stroke or other cerebrovascular disease have the best chance of recovery at one of our hospital campuses. They benefit from:

  • Our Experience: We treat one of the highest volumes of stroke patients (nearly 2,000 a year) and cerebrovascular disease patients in the world, and the highest in Manhattan.
  • A Leading Center for Patient Transfers: Many patients are transferred from other hospitals to our centers because we provide advanced care for the diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases that is not available in many other hospitals. Physicians wishing to transfer a patient may call 1-800-NYP-STAT (1-800-697-7828), 24/7, to arrange for a transfer.
  • A Team Approach: Our patients receive their care from specialty-trained vascular neurologists, neurocritical care specialists, cerebrovascular surgeons, nurses, and therapists. People who are treated at high-volume centers with specialty trained physicians have the best survival and rate of recovery.
  • Advanced Therapies: Some people with cerebrovascular disease only need to be watched, while others benefit from medical therapies, radiation therapy, or surgical treatments. We tailor your treatment to your needs and use the least invasive approach possible.
  • Neuro-ICUs: Our Neurological Intensive Care Units (Neuro-ICUs) provide 24/7 monitoring and specialized treatment for our most critically ill patients.
  • Early Rehabilitation: Our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and physicians has special training in helping people who have had a stroke or other cerebrovascular disease regain their function and independence.
  • Clinical Trials: Our investigators participate in clinical trials to improve the care of people with cerebrovascular diseases. You may have the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial of a promising new treatment.