Preparing for Your Visit

What to Pack/What to Expect

Both you and your child will feel more at ease by coming to NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital as prepared as possible for your visit. While packing, think of these three types of items: clothing, comfort items, and distractions.

Clothing: While packing your child's clothing, consider the expected length of the hospital stay. Depending on the reason for the hospitalization, most children are able to wear their own pajamas (though we do have pajamas for them if necessary). Because it can also be chilly in the hospital room, playroom, or on their way to a procedure, bring comfortable, loose-fitting sweatshirts or long pants. Be sure to pack underwear, socks, and shoes as well.

Comfort items: If your child sleeps with a special item that brings comfort or easily soothes him or her (such as a blanket, stuffed animal, or pacifier), please bring this item. You and your child will be happy to have something familiar while in an unfamiliar place.

Distraction: While our hospital does have Child Life Centers and families are welcome to access this space, we may not have your child's favorite toy or movie, and the centers are only open between 9 am and 5 pm. Feel free to bring small items your child will enjoy to avoid boredom. Items to consider include small toys, handheld game systems, music players with headphones, books/magazines, cosmetics, or school work.

Even though your child is the patient, we are aware that you, the caregiver, are also staying with us. We have shower facilities for families, as well as refrigerators in each room or in the family lounge where you can keep food.

While here at the hospital, there can be a lot of quiet time and waiting. You are encouraged to bring quiet activities to keep yourself occupied.