NYP David H. Koch Center


David H. Koch Center

Sustainability at the David H. Koch Center

NewYork-Presbyterian is resolved to put patients first in everything we do and we recognize the intrinsic relationship between the health of people and the health of our environment. By adopting sustainable practices at the David H. Koch Center, we aim to limit the environmental impact of our operations, creating a healthier environment for our patients, their families, and our staff. The building has achieved LEED Gold Certification ® under from the US Green Building Design Council for its energy efficiency and environmental design. In 2021, NewYork–Presbyterian’s David H. Koch Center was also selected as a recipient of the 2021 USGBC Leadership Award (Middle Atlantic & New England Region).

Sustainable Design

The design of the David H. Koch Center leverages innovative strategies and technology to reduce negative impacts on the environment and maximize building performance. These sustainable design features reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments. Design highlights include:

  • Forty percent of all materials used on project are made of recycled materials, sourced using good manufacturing practices, locally extracted and manufactured, and/or transported efficiently.
  • The building maintains an extensive green roof which reduces building heat gain, NYP’s contribution to the heat island effect, and retains storm water to ease impact on New York City’s drainage system.
  • The building utilizes water-efficient plumbing fixtures which corresponds to 30% water reduction from baseline code case.
  • Where appropriate, the building utilizes energy efficient fixtures, including high-efficiency LED lighting, which corresponds to 16% energy reduction from baseline code case.


DHKC Sustainability diagram

Sustainable Operations at DHK

NYP’s Sustainability Program, NYPgreen, will support sustainable operations throughout the building ensuring that NewYork-Presbyterian operates responsibly, limiting its environmental impact. Sustainable operations include:

  • NYPgreen hosts guided tours of the building designed to educate the community about environmental sustainability and to showcase the building’s sustainable design and operations.
  • Environmental services maintains a robust recycling program to collect corrugated cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, glass and batteries for recycling.
  • All areas of the building will maintain a cashless operation, accepting credit, debit, payroll deduction, or mobile payment solutions. Cashless operations maximize operational efficiency while reducing carbon emissions associated with armored car pickups and cash transportation.
  • The building’s foodservice provider uses sustainable strategies to limit food waste and encourage waste minimization. It works in partnership with NYPgreen to engage employees in reducing NYP’s environmental impact through initiatives including a reusable cup discount and a “Meatless Monday” promotional entrée.